Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Embarrassed Dog: Bailey

For those of you who know the Cable family, you know about our funny dog named Bailey. Not only is he a really good dog, but he is incredibly patient with us when we dress him up in costumes or make him do weird tricks. So...this afternoon when I got home from work, nobody was home so, I decided to use Bailey as my model for some shots. It was evening light which meant that it was low enough in the sky to not cast shadows and yet light enough for photos. I grabbed my Canon 5D Mark II and mounted a 150mm Sigma Macro lens, and started with a standard pose...

...and then I had an idea. It was time to pose Bailey for his famous "I'm so embarrassed" shot.

A couple of months ago, my wife taught Bailey to lay down on the ground and put his head flat to the ground whenever she said "Bailey - you are so embarrassed!" I grabbed a treat (since we all do crazy stuff for treats!) and had him go into his embarrassed mode. The treat was sitting in front of him for a good minute or two while I shot this. He kept his head low and just waited for me to stop shooting before he had his reward. I love the look in his eyes.

And then, after he had his treat, he came over to me and I was petting him with my left hand. I grabbed the camera with my right hand and shot some macro shots of his face. I like this shot the best because of the catch light in his eye, the "Groucho Marx" eye brows, and the reflection of the house in his eye. My first thought when I saw this image on the computer was "Our house through the eyes of a dog".

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