Saturday, July 17, 2010

More studio shooting with Bridget as my model

Last week, I was still working to fine tune my studio lighting here at the house. I asked my neighbor, Bridget (since she has been my model for many years now), if she could come over and help out. always, being the willing subject and having to endure my trial and errors, she came by for a little studio time.

We started by shooting images against a white backdrop with 3 lights. I had one large softbox on my left side (with a strobe behind it), a smaller softbox on the right with a Canon 580EXII attached, and then another Canon flash on the floor behind Bridget to help illuminate the white backdrop.

Then after shooting for a while, I decided to add some color to the image by placing a colored gel on the floor flash to change the white background to a more colorful back drop.

With this shot (above) I added a purple gel to the flash and set the exposure of the camera to accentuate the color.

This is an illustration of the setup, so that you can get a better idea of the lighting placement. (BTW - this image was created using a free App called Strobox on the iPhone)

For this last shot, I added one more flash (behind Bridget and to her left) to give some hair light. As you can tell, we also changed the gel color to a pink gel to compliment the pink in her shirt.

The lighting setup is still a work in progress, but I am getting a little closer to being happy with the results.

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