Friday, July 15, 2011

Camping at Patrick's Point - Wildlife in and around the park

Patrick's Point State Park is now known for the abundance of wildlife, but they have their fair share of critters in the area. In the many times that we have visited the park in the past, we have never seen rabbits in the park. Well...this time we saw hundreds of them. You know what they say, if you see 2 rabbits, there are probably a lot more nearby.

 This little guy was nice enough to pose for me right by some yellow flowers. Very nice indeed.

This black crow was a frequent visitor to our camp site and he really liked this particular moss covered perch.
Speaking of frequent visitors to our campsite, there were 3 or 4 of these guys that would visit every afternoon at approximately 3pm.My sister-in-law was trying to identify them, so I shot some pictures to help her figure out the correct species. This little guy came down out of the trees and landed on one of our camping chairs, in perfect range for my Canon 100-400 lens.

Just 20 miles North of Patrick's Point, you can find the largest herd of Roosevelt Elk in North America. I have photographed them before, but never seen them in the water, until this trip. We were getting ready to take a hike into Fern Canyon and I saw this big buck from the parking lot. I could not resist the temptation to photograph this big guy, so I asked my very patient family to wait for 15 minutes while I hiked into a better position and shot this photo.

Then...after our Fern Canyon hike, we returned back to the parking lot area and I made my way out to photograph a couple more of the Roosevelt Elk who were still grazing in the area.

All of these wildlife images were taken with my Canon 5D Mark II and 100-400 L Series lens, using Lexar 600x Professional CF cards of course!

The next blog (last from this trip) has some of my favorite images of sunsets and star-filled night skies. I guess I was saving the best for last. Stay tuned. :)


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