Thursday, July 26, 2012

A behind the scenes look at the Main Press Center (MPC) at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London

People have asked me to show more images behind the scenes at the Olympics, so today before attending the mandatory photographer's meeting, I milled about the press center to show you what it is like for us photographers at the Games.

The Main Press Center (MPC) has all kinds of amenities for us to use throughout the month that we are here. There is a health clinic, a hair salon (not that I would need that), a gym (which also will not be used by me since I will get my workout running about the venues), a dry cleaners and so much more.

I have never had a massage in my life, but I think this would be more likely than the hair salon or gym for me over the next 3 weeks.

This Olympics, unlike most in the past, is all about being green. Most of the materials being used can be reused again after the Olympics. They even have these pretty flowers for us in the press area.

This is the main walkway in between the MPC and the IBC (International Broadcast Center). At the end of this walkway is the Transportation Mall where we catch buses to all venues and back to our temporary homes.

McDonalds is a long time sponsor of the Olympic Games and they always have an onsite McDonalds for us in the press area.

Upstairs from the McDonalds and a BBQ place, there is the International Food Court. As you can see, this can feed a lot of us!

Chinese, Mexican, British food (no comment)...

Even the security forces eat here!

These Coffee Bars are on every floor of the MPC, and that is a good thing!

We have a post office and a UPS store onsite as well.

Oh yeah, people work hard too! This is a picture of all of the press people gearing up for the next 3 weeks.

And, of course, you can't have thousands of press and photographers working without an onsite bar! Enough said...

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