Monday, December 17, 2012

Minneapolis - Some interesting architecture in the city

You might recall that, about one month ago, I wrote a blog about my trip to Minneapolis. In that blog, entry I concentrated on the many reflections that I saw around the city.

On that same trip, I also made a quick trip out to the Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota. When researching interesting things to photograph in Minneapolis, I saw this interesting building which was across the river from my hotel. Amazingly, when asking people for directions to this museum, not one person knew what I was talking about. Thanks to my iPhone (yes - using Apple's Maps app), I was able to find the place and take some photos of this unique structure.

I am not a huge modern art fan, but I was really captivated by this architecture. What was most intriguing to me was that, with even the smallest movement to one side or another, the photos of the building would take on a completely different look.

I mostly shot wide images of the museum, but also tried to key in on certain areas of the building. For all of these shots, I used the Canon 5D Mark III with the 24-105mm lens. Since it was fairly overcast at the time, I set the camera to ISO 400 to keep my shutter speed fairly fast.

For this shot, I moved farther to the left, and closer to the building. This allowed me to capture the name of the museum in the frame and also let me tilt the camera up to include the cloudy sky. Notice how this view of the museum shows only one window, whereas in the frames above (taken only feet away) show numerous windows.

A tighter shot from the same angle as before...

Just before leaving this location, the clouds dissipated just enough for the blue sky to peek through. This time, shooting from the right side of the building, I was able to show yet another perspective and get some color in the skies above.

I have been to Minneapolis many times, but had never heard about the Mill Ruins. A friend told me that this would be a cool place to shoot images, so I drove back over the Mississippi river and headed to Mill Ruins Park.

The Mill Ruins Park is located on the west bank of the Mississippi River and is a newly renovated park area. Walking around, you can see what is left from the 19th century flour mills. I had no idea that this area was once one of the worldwide leading producers of flour.

You can see the Guthrie Theater in the background, with the cantilevered "Endless Bridge" which juts out from the theater. 

Here is another view of Mill Ruins district, with the ruins in the foreground and newly revitalized office and living space in the background.

2 comments: said...

I love these shots..I prefer older buildings to modern architecture - but I love the abstract shapes that the modern buildings present.I was glad your shots mentioned the camera and lens - as I have recently got my 5D with the 24-105. My master plan is to take pictures as good as yours ! I have mentioned before that your style is uncannily like mine - so it is a real inspiration - thanks !

Alice Gray said...

Minneapolis is one of great place to go when we come to Minnesota. Thanks for nice share about that.