Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bern Switzerland - One day in this beautiful city

Continuing my photos from our vacation in Switzerland, today's blog features photos from the beautiful city of Bern.

We only had one day in Bern, but really enjoyed our time there. One of my followers on Facebook, who lived nearby, came and showed us around. It was really cool to have a local show us the area, but it was equally great to meet someone who lives so far away but follows my work.

This was a shot from one of the bridges in the city. For this, I used the Canon 5D Mark III with the 24-105mm lens. I liked this particular angle and decided to come back and take a night shot from here.

Here is a shot from the same location later in the day. Normally I would wait for the sky to get darker, but the church (which is the main subject of the shot - even with the scaffolding) was not lit up, so it just went dark as the night moved in. Bummer!

I did turn the camera around and shot this photo, with the lit building. I really like the way the yellow building pops against the pink and blue colors in the night sky.

The next morning, before leaving the city to stay with friends, we went up to the rose garden area so that I could get some shots over the city. This was the wide view from the rose garden, taken with the Canon 5D Mark III camera and the Canon 28-300mm lens.

Using the most of the reach of the zoom lens, I zoomed in to 235mm to grab this shot of all the chimneys. I love the repetitive details in this shot. Even though the wide shot is pretty, I like this composition better, because it is different from what most people would shoot from this location.

And then...I wanted to get a unique shot from high above the city, so I broke out the Phantom II Vision+ aerial camera.

Even though I liked the wide shot of the city with the DSLR, I liked this shot even more. It really helped to fly up high above the tree line and get a view down on the old city. It is this type of shot that makes me love the aerial camera even more. It is a totally unique view and so breathtaking.

Oh, and I should mention that in the morning, before we headed out of Bern, we needed our caffeine fix. We walked over to a Starbucks but it was not open at 9am. (Hey, this is Switzerland, not America.) At first we were bummed about this, until the concierge of the hotel suggested that we go to Einsteins Cafe. This is an amazing coffee place located in the same building where Albert Einstein lived. If you are in Bern, stop by there. It was great food and drinks in a cool setting!

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Marty Becker said...

Really enjoyed all your Switzerland photos! My wife is from Switzerland and we visit there routinely. Bern is my favorite city.

Claude-Alain said...

I live in Bern for 10 years and already been many times at those locations… but never thought to shoot such great pictures! Nice job!