Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Getting credentialed for the Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro

There are 541 days until the start of the Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, and today I found out that I will definitely be fully credentialed to shoot for Team USA once again.

Since this will be my 5th time going to the Olympics, it was not as much of a surprise as in years past, but the elation of seeing that email from the U.S. Olympic Committee was almost the same as the first time I got the confirmation.

If you read the blog regularly, you know that I have a real passion for photography, and I really appreciate the opportunities that this art has brought to my life. I get to travel to amazing places and see historic events, and I will never take this lightly.

I get so many emails and comments on the Facebook page from people who dream to have this opportunity, and I know that I am a lucky person. But the good news is this, unlike other people who travel to the Olympics alone, I get to bring all of you with me (well...virtually).

Just like in years past, I am planning on blogging each day from Rio, sharing my photos and behind the scenes stories with all of you. And I am sure that this Olympics will have a lot of both!

We are still a year and a half from our trip together, but I look forward to sharing this amazing experience with you all once again.

Adeus por enquanto,



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Unknown said...

If you need an assistant, I'd love to help!


Earle Mason said...

That's Great Jeff! Congrats!
Your posts from Sochi were awesome, next best thing to being there. Had me looking daily.

I looked for other photog blogs covering the winter olympics and world cup but none came anywhere near close to the details you provide plus with images.
Though through your posts, I learned of the long hours and tight time on being able to post, so I sincerely thank you for utilizing travel/wait time and sacrificing sleep to provide your admirers with details & images. Looking forward to 2016! Cheers

Leandro Bernardes said...

Great news Jeff, I hope you have a great time here in Brazil, if you anything even tips from here just let me know!

Cheers from Brazil

rcortinas said...

Congratulation Jeff !!
You really deserve it. I really hope you have a great time at the Olympics and I am sure we will have a great time too reading your blogs and looking at your pictures.
I followed you during last winter Olympics in Sochi and it was like to be there.
Thanks for let us enjoy from the comfort of ours homes, although, I prefer to leave the house to be your assistant.

al said...

Your Olympic post are great help. CONGRATULATIONS!

Unknown said...

Congratulations..they know what a great photographer can do

How do think SI will handle the photo duties?

Unknown said...

Congratulation. I wait your posts from Brasil.
Good luck and best shots.


Claude-Alain said...

Congratulation! I can understand that you are excited!
I was involved in seven Olympic Games in several positions with the Swiss delegation, every game is a new adventure! I won’t miss your posts!

Unknown said...

Congrats Jeff!
Again I will look forward to your daily blog entries. It makes watching the Olympics much more interesting.