Sunday, December 27, 2015

A NEW VIDEO: The best default settings for your Canon DSLR!

For many years now, whenever someone has asked me to help them with their Canon DSLR camera, there are some changes I make immediately, before even giving instruction. Now, finally, I have made a video to help everyone make these changes to your cameras to help you get better photos. Regardless of whether you just got a brand new Canon DSLR or have had it for many years and never bothered to change these settings, this video will help.

You can click on this image to see the video

Here are the key tips:

* Turn off the "Release shutter without card" feature
* Change focus points to one center focus point
* Turn on Highlight Alerts
* Turn off Auto rotate on the camera (but leave it on for the computer)
* Set your time and date correctly
* Learn to customize the "My Menu" section of the camera

I hope that these tips help you take better control of your camera.



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adgorn said...

Just bought a (used) t5i to up my game a bit. Have been studying the manual in detail, a great learning experience. These tips are very helpful!

Valueone said...

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