Monday, November 13, 2017

I am back in the rain forest of Costa Rica again, leading another workshop

You may remember that I was here in Costa Rica back in August, scouting out locations for my photo tour. was the first day here in the rain forest with our group, and even though we only had a half day of shooting, we saw a ton of wildlife.

Before lunch, we took a short walking tour around the property where we are staying. Before we got 20 feet from our meeting point, our guide spotted some Scarlet Macaw who were gathering food in a nearby tree. Time to start shooting! Today I was using my Canon 1D X Mark II with the Canon 100-400mm II lens and put it to good use getting tight shots of the beautiful birds. Most of the my guests are using the same lens thanks to Canon Professional Services. Canon is offering free loaner products to anyone joining me on my tours. Gotta love that!

We were walking along a footpath when we saw this heron hanging out on a branch over a small creek. We were taking photos of this bird when Dennis (our guide) said that there were Howler Monkeys coming our way.

We tracked the Howlers as they made their way from tree to tree and got some great photos of these animals.

As we were shooting, I was instructing the workshop guests, and told them to wait for the monkeys to lift their faces towards the light. This adds light to their otherwise dark faces. This guy did just that, and I took a bunch of photos. This is one of my favorite photos from today.

Bob (one of the guests) and I were photographing this bird, when he decided to lighten his load. It was a funny moment. We were both taking photos and said "he's pooping" at the same time. I know, I know, I am just a child at heart.

Further down the walking path, we cam across this small crocodile who was taking a siesta. I really like the mirror image reflection in the water.

The birds here on the Osa Peninsula are so beautiful and plentiful, and all of us are having fun photographing them.

Even though this is my third trip to Costa Rica, it still amazes me to see Toucan's and Macaw flying around in the wild. They are so cool looking!

For a half a day's adventure, we were all thrilled to see so much. Except Carol (another guest) really wanted to see a sloth. Dennis drove around for a little while and eventually spotted 4 of them in the trees.

As you can tell from this photo, this is a the Three-Toed Sloth that we saw today.

They are usually balled up high in the trees and really do not move much. But we were lucky to see 2 of them who were moving around and foraging for food.

Not too shabby for Day 1 of the trip. And we have so much more coming up.

You should come join me next August! You can get more information about this trip here.

Stay tuned for more images as we continue our rain forest adventures.

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