Sunday, June 24, 2018

Namibia Photo Tour - The amazing sand dunes!

Over the last couple of days we have visited one of the biggest attractions here in the desert of Namibia. These are some of the world's largest sand dunes, and they are a site to see! We drove from the coast to the largest national park in the country to see these giants.

As we made the long drive, I was watching out the window of our vehicle to find photo opportunities for the group. I saw the moon in the sky and waited for us to drive into a place where the moon was close to the mountains. We stopped and got some nice shots of this before moving on.

And then we came to the giant dunes!

For the last two days we have been driving around the area to get shots of the dunes in great light. As you can see from the trees at the base of these dunes, these things are massive!

Everywhere we look there are amazing patterns of shadows and highlights. I used a combination of the Canon 1D X MKII with the Canon 100-400mm lens and a Canon 5D MK IV with the Canon 24-105mm lens.

This particular sand dune is called Dune 45 (at the 45th kilometer of the road) and one of the most popular ones to photograph and climb, I used the 100-400mm lens to zoom into the top of the dune to isolate the people climbing.

Using the same lens, I zoomed back out to get this wide shot.

It was early in the evening when we got to Dune 45, but after photographing this dune for a little bit, I decided to climb it to get some photos from the dune itself. This is no easy task as the sand is so soft and the wind is blowing hard. You may be able to see the sand that is blowing into the shaded side of the dune.

We aimed to photograph the dunes in the early morning and evenings to catch the dunes in the best light. This is one of my favorite photos of this region because it shows the huge variations of color and terrain.

Our driver was really patient as us photographers had them stop every time we saw a great shot, and it was really often. Look at how the shadows form endless shapes in the sand. It was just mesmerizing for us all.

It is so beautiful to see the patterns of the wind blown sand.

Last night, we were shooting by Dune 45 when I spotted the moon high in the sky. I moved to the base of the dune to try and get the moon as close to the sand as possible.

We shot by the dune until the sun had set. And then we set out to find a good tree to photograph in the sunset.

This was the last shot of the night, as the sunlight left us and we were treated to a clear starry night. Wow - what a day!!!

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Unknown said...

Just WOW ! No other way to say it . 😊 jenn C

Unknown said...

Agreed...WOW!!! My jaw was dropped open at all of these photos...just magnificent!!!

Elizabeth Conley said...

Magnificent scenery! WOW..unbelievably amazing!