Saturday, July 7, 2018

Penguins in Africa? Yes, and they sure are cute!

Here in Cape Town, South Africa they have a place called Boulders Beach where a large group of penguins live. Since we are here in Cape Town in between our Namibia and Botswana photo tours, we had to stop by and see these cute little birds up close and personal.

We watched as the penguins went in and out of the ocean, usually in groups.

We are lucky, since this is the time of year is when the young penguins are still wearing their fuzzy coats. Cuteness factor overload!

I was using the Canon 1D X Mark II camera with the Canon 100-400mm lens to try and isolate certain birds of interest. I liked the way this one penguin stood out from the others.

Since we were watching the penguins late in the afternoon (planned that way), we had some fun shadows to capture.

I took this photo and thought it could make a good poster about loneliness. :)

The baby penguins were so cute as they huddled together.

This guy was walking down a sand dune and I caught him full stride.

My first ever penguin family portrait!


This is one of my favorite photos showing these two baby penguins interacting.

The penguins do shake themselves all the time.

It was fun to watch them walking on the sand and rocks...

...and when they would just pose for a photo.

Mike (who owns M&M Photo Tours) and I watched as this little penguin was fed.

This pup was shaking and sunny himself.

More interaction between adult and baby,

This penguin was on a mission, walking quickly up the rocky shoreline.

These birds make the loudest noises! When they screech, it sounds like a loud donkey. I had no idea that they made this sound. I did capture some video and will do my best to get that edited and online soon.

Here is a youngster with some fuzz still on his beak.

I took this photo of this penguin because I liked that way that he was surrounded by all the footsteps in the sand.

We all had a great time photographing the penguins, and I would do it again any time. As a matter of fact, Mike and I are going to add Cape Town to a future African photo tour.

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