Friday, March 22, 2019

Want a fun and entertaining book for free?

Here is something different for all of you.

A good friend of mine, who used to work at Apple, has retired from the corporate world and become a writer. Like me, Marc Jedel left the board rooms and boring meetings and is following his passion in the arts. He just finished his second book and was kind enough to offer any of my blog readers a chance to download his first book for FREE. Thanks Marc!

Marc's books are humorous murder mysteries that fall into a sub-genre called cozy mysteries (like the old Murder She Wrote series for those that remember) because they’re clean and do not have any violence or sex. Well... if they do, they take place off-page. Marc told me that his mysteries wound up like this mostly because writing violent scenes when it’s dark outside would probably frighten him and writing sex scenes would frighten his friends and family. He is a funny guy. I mentioned, he has two books:

* Uncle and Ants: A Silicon Valley Mystery (Book 1). Mysterious attacks. Mischievous nieces. Can a clueless uncle catch a tech-savvy killer… and be home before bedtime? If you like clever humor, sassy side characters, and average Joes facing extraordinary circumstances, then you’ll love this twisty mystery.

* Chutes and Ladder is the side-splitting second novel in the Silicon Valley cozy mystery series. 
When a camping trip uncovers a corpse, this amateur sleuth is stuck putting out the fire. Marty vows to investigate. After all, it’s poor manners to let a friend’s death go unsolved. Like quirky sleuths, wacky sidekicks, and laugh-out-loud moments? You’ll love this offbeat whodunit.

The books are really fun and easy to read. I am currently part way through the second book.

You can download the first book for free from Amazon using this LINK only between now and Mar 24th.

If you look at his Amazon page, you will see Marc's portrait. He asked me to shoot this for him about a 6 months ago ago. I started with a standard "back of the book" typical headshot but since his character always wears Hawaiian shirts, we thought it would be fun if he did the same.  Marc even had fun with the photos and created this page.

Download the book, kick your feet up and have some fun. I am!

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