Monday, April 13, 2020

The first Zoom get together was an absolute disaster! But now...

Let me start this blog post by apologizing to those 50 people who joined in on the Zoom get together the other day and were subjected to images, text and audio that nobody should be exposed to. I guess I assumed that people are inherently good and that posting a link and password in a public forum would be OK. I guess I was wrong.

With that said, I still feel that most of us have only good intentions, and that it only takes one or two idiots to try and break our beliefs. Well, that is NOT going to happen with me. I am not going to let these trolls stop what could be a great thing.

After I was able to remove the unwanted guests from the zoom session, we ended up having a really great conversation. I am thankful for all those who sat through the mess and soldiered on. Thank you to all of you. We were cut short by all the mayhem, but I am determined to do this again, keeping in mind all the lessons I learned yesterday.

Here is what I will do differently:

* I will not post a password in a public forum.
* I will make sure to turn off screen sharing.
* I will do this by invitation only

I know that this will limit the amount of people who might connect in, especially if they have to contact me first, but I would rather have less people involved and have quality time with those who want it.

So...if you are interested in being invited to another zoom get together, please fill out this form:

I will then email all of you with a link and password.

And don't worry, your email will not be used for anything else.

I hope that this solves the issue and allows us only good things to talk about!




Maxie said...

Sorry to hear about the problems and kudos for carrying on.

I have a passing interest, rather than a passion, in photography. As such, I prefer to leave space in the zoom session for those who will have the very interesting questions. Yet, I would like to participate in the session.

I am not a zoom expert but I have noted there is a record function. Would it be possible for you to post a recording of the session that could be accessed afterward?

aCreativeEngineerInNV said...

You can also lock the meeting after the start time so no one else can join. I don't know how, but that is what my Zumba instructor is doing.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Maxie!