Saturday, June 13, 2020

New photography video: Get out of automatic mode

I just released another photography video to my YouTube channel. This video is aimed at the novice camera owner who still has their DSLR camera in automatic mode. Believe it or not, most people who own DSLR cameras do not know how to get the most out of them. A high percentage of those camera owners leave the DSLR in automatic mode, which does not help them get great photos. In this video, I encourage those people to get out of automatic mode, explain why this is better, and help them take control of their cameras. This will help those people get better photos and have a lot more fun taking them!

You can click on the image above to launch the video.

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1 comment:

Ralph Hightower said...

I was photographing a nighttime college baseball game using ISO 1600 film; yea, it was 2012, but I hadn't bought a DSLR. I set my Canon A-1 in aperture priority mode to use with my 80-205 f4.5 lens. Shooting sports in aperture priority mode instead of shutter priority mode seems counter-intuitive, but I was limited by my zoom lens; I just had to let the camera decide the shutter speed.
Now that I have a 5D III, I treat that almost like a film camera. If I'm shooting outside, I'll set the White Balance to daylight. Shooting sunsets, I'll underexpose or in snow (which we don't get much in South Carolina), I'll overexpose.