Thursday, November 17, 2022

Vietnam Photo Tour: Two nights on Ha Long Bay

We were 5 days into our photo tour of Vietnam when we made our way to Ha Long Bay. This was a bucket list location for many of our guests (myself included) and it did not disappoint.  We had spectacular weather and the constantly changing views were incredible. 

We arrived at Ha Long Bay and were taken to our "junk". Let me tell you, this boat was anything but junk. It was awesome!

This was my room on the boat, which was super comfortable. I should have taken a photo of the bathroom, because it was also really nice, and had a porthole window in the shower. The window was always propped open, which gave me amazing views while showering.  I love that!

As I mentioned, the weather was perfect with temperatures in the mid 80s and a beautiful breeze. 

As the boat cruised along slowly through the bay, the photo opportunities of the limestone islands were endless.

I was sitting on the deck of the boat, relaxing and taking in the sites. I saw this ornate carving and thought it would make for a different view of the bay.  

On our first night, we were treated to a beautiful sunset. All of us met on the upper deck and took photos. I was using my Canon R6 and the Canon RF24-105mm lens. This was a great chance for me to teach a lesson on exposure compensation and how to properly expose for the sun. 

After this we had a lovely dinner on the deck of the boat.

After capturing the sunset, some of our guests were anxious to get up at 5am to capture the sunrise. I am not much of an early riser, but made sure to join them (albeit only for 20 minutes before going back to bed) to see what transpired.  

The sun did not present itself like in the evening, but we loved the different layers of rock and color. 

Here are some of the other boats that were docked for the evening.

The next day we cruised around for a while and then spent the afternoon on a small private beach. Honestly, I was not sure I would enjoy this, as I have a hard time sitting still for 5 hours. BUT, it turned out to be one of the best parts of the trip. 

We swam in the water, took turns kayaking, ate an awesome lunch, and relaxed with this view.

I took my iPhone with me on the kayak and watched this family fishing from their boat.

Our second night treated us to yet another pretty sunset. This is definitely the right time of the year to visit Ha Long Bay. The weather is not stifling hot and the sunsets are better.

On our last day on the bay, we cruised along the different rock formations and just enjoyed the views.

We also visited a floating city.

This man was enjoying his Pho breakfast from his floating home.

I loved the colors of the fishing boats, in contrast to the rocks and greenery of the background.

This last shot was taken by one of our guests. Hans brought his new drone with him and asked me to help him with the setup. After some tweaks, we got him up and running (literally) and he captured this great view of the bay.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Jeff, your photos brought back memories of when we were at Ha Long Bay. Jim Mundell