Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Canon gear on sale now - Up to $700 off!

I just got word about new Canon rebates with some really great deals. One that jumps out immediately is the Canon R6 camera which was selling for $2299 is now available for $1599! They also have the same rebate on the Canon R6 kit with the RF24-105mm f/4 lens, which sold for $3399 and is now available for $2699. 

Check out all the deals by clinking on the image above or HERE.

Happy shopping everyone!


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great shots, Jeff!
I have been a loyal Canon fan for over 30 years but now I'm having doubts about continuing to use/buy Canon products. Off cameral flash is important to me but now the Canon Flash Radio transmission system has become very unreliable (multiple forums have discussed this problem but no solutions) It frequently stops working for no obvious reason. Canon blames interference from competing wifi systems (but cheap off brand flash systems continue to work in the same environments that Canon flashes fail). Canon is promoting their new line of (more expensive) flashes that apparently have the same problem of just not working. Canon has done NOTHING to fix this problem. So now the only way to have reliable radio transmission Canon flash is to attach Godox receivers to the flashes and a Godox transmitter to the camera. This is crazy! Since Canon seems uninterested in fixing this problem, I have real concerns about continuing in the Canon ecosystem and just can't justify buying any more Canon equipment.
I will likely start looking into Sony products.