Wednesday, May 15, 2024

The Canon R1 has been announced!! (Well...kinda)

If you were up late last night, you may have seen that Canon announced the development of the Canon EOS-R1 camera, which will be their flagship camera for the foreseeable future. They did not divulge many details in their press release, but the tease does reveal some really interesting things. 

Canon says that the new EOS-R1 camera will have some major performance improvements for both still and video. Adding a new DIGIC Accelerator to the DIGIC X processor and adding "deep learning technology" which is going to provide some major improvements to focusing and image capture. When Canon says "deep learning", is that their way of saying AI? 

The press release talks about high speed and high-accuracy subject recognition, using examples of locking in on a primary athlete and staying with that subject. Fast focusing is a huge factor for me, and I look forward to seeing how this translates to real-world images of wildlife and sports. 

The camera also has in-body noise reduction which supposedly competes with the software solutions we are using today. That would be really cool. 

For now, that is all that they have said. 

You may remember that I wrote my wish list for this camera way back in January of 2021. I am hoping that they addressed most or all of these things.

I have already had numerous people reach out to me asking if I am using one of these now, or will be in the near future. And my answer to that is and will be...🤐

I am excited for the future and look forward to using the EOS-R1.


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1 comment:

Catherine Dalessio said...

Looks like an interesting camera that a lot of people will be interested in but I want more than 30 MP and not the weight for carrying around all day. Almost every up to date camera already shoots fast enough for me to capture almost anything I could be shooting. Kingfisher diving into the water to grab a fish--my R5 has no trouble catching the series of it going in and coming out with the 20 FPS. So more FPS is not a big draw for me.
I read the leaks on another blog site about the R5MII and they say the rolling shutter will be eliminated on it. That's the thing that would make me upgrade. The rolling shutter is killing me on the R5 on some of my photoshoots. At least 1/3 of my hummingbird flight shots were unusable because of bendy wings and sometimes even disconnected free floating wings entirely! And recently when shooting little Kingfishers that were shaking water off their head, they ended up with bent beaks--bummer for me!
Catherine Dalessio