Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Vacation in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Wow - traveling WITH the family for a change - that was nice! The four of us spent the week in Mammoth Lakes with day trips to Yosemite and Bodie (the Ghost Town). It was nice to have time with just us hanging out together. We hiked a little bit, we rented a pontoon boat and a kayak and we hung out and relaxed.

Bailey loved being outdoors so much and had a great time testing out all the lakes in the area.

Of course, I still made time to photograph the area, but this time I had the family join in. Ali joined me on numerous mini-trips to shoot the landscape of the area. I love shooting with her. She keeps me entertained and also sees things so differently than I do. She has a talent for photography and I hope she pursues this in the future.

Taking pictures in Bodie is a great experience. Unlike other older towns, here they do not rebuild or "fake" the history. What you see in this ghost town, is real and authentic.

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that's way too cool.