Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Bar Mitzvah With A Lot Of Laughs

Yesterday I had the good fortune to shoot images at Jordan's Bar Mitzvah. Not only were they good looking subjects but they had a TON of personality. There is nothing better than capturing that in camera!
Mom, dad and Jordan all gave amazing speeches and they were filled with some great moments of laughs. This image was captured right after David (Jordan's father) finished the punch line of his opening joke (stating how Jewish husbands don't get much time to talk), and I grabbed a whole sequence of them cracking up. It is these types of images that show the personality of the family and I LOVE taking these.

Early in the service, the sun came through the high windows and created this swath of light across the bema. I had two choices; shoot wide to average the light (which I did as well) or keep it in tight at 285mm and play off of the light. This image really worked for me because I love the boy's expressions and I like the mood of the lighting.

I shot this image from the back of the Temple. I think that this is the first Bar Mitzvah that I have photographed where they had two-toned yamakas (or as the dad said, BMW logos on everyone's heads). :)

And this last shot made me laugh. This is an image of all the men huddled into the bar area to watch the last 5 minutes of the Stanford vs. Berkeley football game. I waited for an image to come on the TV screen that would tell the story and then grabbed this one.

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