Saturday, November 28, 2009

Too Much Time On My Hands

So here it is...a nice long weekend...and I am basically caught up on all of my work. So it was time to play a little. Once again, Ali and I broke out the gels and had some fun with remote flash units. I set up the camera and asked Ali's friend, Danielle to fire the shutter on command. (She made a great voice activated shutter release!)

We were taking different shots with me showing different emotions (just messing around) and then, as we were reviewing the pictures on the camera, it occurred to me that this would make a cool image by combining many of them together. I call it "Jeff's Mac Attitudes". You can click on the image above to see it larger (33 percent of the original size).

Just to review how I shot these:

1. I set up the Canon 5D Mark II (and PocketWizard Mini TT1) on a Gitzo Tripod
2. I connected a Canon 580EX II flash to the new Flex TT5 PocketWizard and gelled it blue
3. I taped a piece of white paper onto the screen of the Mac (to reflect the flash)
4. I put the flash on the Mac and pointed it towards the white paper
5. I pre-focused the camera and set it to manual
6. I sat down at the computer and asked Danielle to fire on command.

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