Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Trip To Vancouver: Preparing For The Winter Olympics

I am just returning from trip #2 to Vancouver and just got a tour of the new Main Press Center (MPC) which is still in construction. Although it is not as big as the MPC in Beijing, it is pretty impressive. All of the photo and print Press will be working in this modified convention center (pictured with the colorful "sails" above) and the broadcast Press will be next door in the International Broadcast Center (IBC). I was only in Vancouver for about 24 hours but I made the most of the visit. It rained for most of the time that I was in the city, but it cleared enough last night that I hopped in my rental car at 11pm and went back to Stanley Park (just across from downtown) and shot this picture. With each passing day, I get more excited to be able to photograph the events of the games! As the photo manager told me today, "You have the Golden Ticket for the Games."

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