Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another model shoot (with Chelsea Rose of the Ford Modeling Agency)

A couple of weeks ago, while on holiday break, I had a chance to practice my studio photography once again. I was lucky enough to photograph Chelsea Rose, who just recently signed with the Ford Modeling Agency.
We started with just one studio light with no light modifiers (to her left) and played with the shadows.

And then we set up a second studio light (with a beauty dish) to her right and put a soft box on her left. After an outfit change and some modifications to her makeup, we shot some more.

Amazing how an outfit change, a change to the makeup, and a change to the light setup, can make Chelsea look like different people. You can see attitude changes in her expressions and I am trying to capture that in my shots.

This is my favorite shot from the evening. I like the outfit, the expression, and the lighting on her face. Chelsea seems to have a very natural smile on her face and her eyes really pop in this photo. (Photographer tip: I edited this image in Adobe Photoshop, removing stray pieces of hair and fur from the hood. I also whitened her eyes by 20 percent to bring them out a bit more. For the final skin smoothing, I used the Imagenomic Portraiture plug-in.) 

After I completed the editing to this particular image, I wondered what it would look like in black and white. I like both images and can not decide which is my favorite. Which do you prefer?

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