Sunday, November 16, 2014

An open letter to Apple Computer

I have been using Apple Computers for more years than I can count, and I am one of Apple's biggest advocates. Our house could double as an Apple store, with numerous Mac computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones, Apple TVs... Yep, I drink the Apple Kool-aid.

A couple of weeks ago I upgraded to your new Yosemite Mac Operating System (version 10.10). I was initially excited to see that the new OS let me use my 4K monitor through DisplayPort with no problems. At that point, I was glad that I made the switch.

But sometimes being on the leading edge can feel more like being on the bleeding edge. For the last couple of weeks I have had inexplicable issues with my wireless Internet connectivity and slow connection with the Chrome browser. I even have a couple of applications that are not running very well. But I expect to have a couple of hiccups when installing a new operating system. But then I hit the big problem. My mail stop sending. Then my mail stopped receiving. And the worst part is that I am using YOUR mail application on your new OS on your new computer! 

I then turned to Google to research this and see if others are having the same problem, and I see that there are a ton of people having this trouble and that this is a known issue. Really? There is no excuse for this. I know that you can not test with every third party application...but this is your own application on your own OS. Was this not tested thoroughly?

I have to repeatedly zap my PRAM just to make my computer work. Ughh.

As someone who runs my entire business on Apple products, I am really disappointed!

Jeff Cable

You can reach me at (I can read your response on my iPhone or iPad, since I may not be able to receive the email on my computer)


David said...

I've been told to avoid Chrome for a while with Yosemite. I think Google has posted that as well.

Silvia said...

Sorry you're having problems with Yosemite Jeff. I have been running it in my iMac since they one, and in my Macbook Air since beta. In fact, I'm now running a new beta version of Yosemite.

I had two issues with mail. One was that I got a message the database was corrupted and need to be rebuilt. Took a while but it got done and is now working great. Have you tried rebuilding your mail database?

The other was related to putting into a conversation totally unrelated emails from different people. Couldn't figure that one out and opted to delete all those emails. And yes, the emails were to a gmail account. No problem using my own doman or iCloud mail.

Don't use Chrome, never will, too much tracking by Google and with Yosemite Safari runs as fast or fast than Chrome.

Unknown said...

Same problem after upgrading to Yosemite (multiple wireless and email problems}. Good thing I have three year tech support , the tech's say they are recieving very few support requests about this issue

Kevin said...

That's interesting. I've had wireless issues at home with my Macbook Pro for the longest time. The Yosemite update seems to have fixed that all together.
As for mail, I avoid the mail app on the macbook all together, have had problems since day one.
Hope you get your issues worked out Jeff!

reidwolf said...

Unfortunately, Apple is like Windows in the sense that's it's better to wait for the second iteration of new software while any bugs are worked out. I too have Yosemite but have used Google mail/Safari without a hiccup. I did use Chrome for a Google chat without a problem though. Hope this helps.

ps. will your dog be photoshopped into the Xmas card this year? :)

Unknown said...

Bob, you sure have a lot of influence! Apple just launched a new update to its operating system. It will be interesting how many of the bugs you mentioned will become history (and/or how many new ones will be introduced). And yes, I drank the Koolaid too...

Anonymous said...

I've found it necessary to never start Google Chrome (current stable or beta) on my MacBook Pro 2011. It consistently freezes the laptop. Whether this is Yosemite's fault or Google's, I don't know. But it worked fine pre Yosemite.

Now I'm stuck with Safari, the slowest and least intuitive browser around.

PLEASE, Google. Buy Adobe, dump everything (especially Flash), keep Lightroom and Photoshop and make Linux versions of both.

GzmDesign said...

Hey Jeff... I think this might help...

let us know if it helps!