Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day (Images of love from the animals in Tanzania)

Happy Valentines everyone!

To celebrate this day, I thought I would post some photos of love from the recent trip to Africa.

This photo pretty much says it all. We all laughed when we were photographing the hippos, because many times their mouths would come together and form the shape of a heart.

I see kids put their hands together to form the shape of a heart, but I think these hippo have them beat.

Zebra kisses...

Valentines Day is not just about our partners, but also our children who we love so much.

 I love the special connection between adult and youngster that I saw out in the wild.

This photo made me laugh, as this mother was cleaning the child, and the youngster has the same look that I give my wife when she tries to clean me up.

Ahhhh, Lion cub love.

Most likely, you will be having a Valentines meal today. Enjoy that time with each other. These two are.

This blog post is dedicated to my wife and kids who I love so much. Although we are currently spread out across the country, this is my virtual box of chocolates to each of you. :)


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Jeff said...


Nice theme; great pictures! - Thanks for allowing us to enjoy your journeys!

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Thanks for this info. Keep up the neat work. I'll be returning often thanks for sharing...