Sunday, January 20, 2019

The adorable baby animals in Africa

We are on our fifth day of our safari photo tour here in Tanzania, Africa and we have seen a ton of amazing wildlife. So far we have been lucky enough to see lots of young animals. So much so that I thought I would write a blog to show you some of the cute little creatures we have seen in just the first four days. And yes, we are now at my favorite lodge which has good a very good Internet signal, so I can get this out to all of you.

Seeing elephants in the wild is just incredible. Seeing the young elephants just melts hearts.

We were driving along in our caravan of Land Cruisers when we saw these tiny little Bat-Eared Fox who were playing in the grass.

At one of our rest stops, we noticed that there were a bunch of baby monkeys playing in the trees. All of our guests grabbed their cameras and went to work.

All of these images were captured with the Canon 1D X Mark II using both the Canon 200-400mm lens and Canon 100-400mm lens.

I was photographing the first baby monkey (that you saw above) when I looked directly up and saw this cute little thing looking down at me. I think he was really checking out the camera equipment.

Before heading up to the Ngorogoro Crater, our drivers had to check in with the park officials. I knew that this stopping point was a haven for baboons (who like to raid the vehicles for food). We saw this baby baboon, got down low to capture photos of this cute little guy at his eye level. And yes, he is obviously a male. :)

I couldn't decide which baby baboon photo I liked the best, so I am including both for you all.

We woke up yesterday morning and headed down into the crater. One of the first sitings was a large group of zebras (who are currently walking around outside my luxury tent right now). We saw this youngster nursing and we all smiled as we captured the moment.

We were driving around when one of our guests spotted these two little jackals. Oh my goodness, they are too darned cute.

This was probably the most incredible moment from yesterday's safari in the crater. This tiny wildebeest had been born maybe 15 minutes before we came across this family. It was just learning to stand and walk. You can see that the umbilical cord is still attached. Amazingly enough, just five minutes after this, this newborn was running with the rest of the pack!

Another baby baboon, also nursing .

This photo was taken about 2 hours ago, in the Ndutu area of Tanzania (which also happens to be my favorite location in the country).  We found this young cheetah and its mother lounging in the grass. I know that this was a highlight for many of the guests, because it was the main topic at today's lunch.

I need to run now, as our afternoon safari is about to begin.

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Unknown said...

Love it. I've been to Tanzania three times - last time was just this past October. I love Ndutu! Thanks for the post - made me smile this morning.

Iyaz Khan said...

Thanks for sharing this.