Monday, January 28, 2019

You won't believe the camera and settings for this photo!

Yesterday was our last day of the first photo tour here in Tanzania. As we always do before people fly out, we stop at a lodge near the airport so that everyone can take a shower, change and be totally fresh before the long flight home. Mike (the owner of M&M Photo Tours) and I were staying over and did not need day rooms, so we stayed in the restaurant area.

There was this little girl who kept running over to us and being adorable, like many 19 month olds. I saw her leaning over our table with perfect light on her face, and I thought "this would be a perfect place for a portrait". The problem was, all my camera gear was back in the safari vehicle.

I pulled out my iPhone X and switched to portrait mode (which I have not used much) and took this photo. Even I was blown away with the results.

I did not do any retouching of this photo in Photoshop. This is straight out of my iPhone. I guess this just goes to show you that, with the right light and pose, any camera can do the trick. But kudos to Apple for creating this feature.

I showed the image to her parents, who were also sitting in the same area, and they loved it. I got their email and sent it to them. Funny, here I am in Africa with $25k of gear and end up doing a really nice portrait with my phone. :)

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Linda Allen said...

Wow and double Wow!!! Absolutely beautiful!

Peter Haken said...

Wow love this photo. Have you ever used the *King of Bokeh Lens* Nikon AF DC-NIKKOR 135mm f/2 D ??