Monday, April 8, 2019

Annual UCSF hospital prom for their teen patients

At this time every year, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital hosts the annual hospital prom for all their teen patients. Many of the kids miss their own high school proms due to severe illness and compromised immune systems. This is their chance to have their hair done, get dressed in new clothes and have fun within the safe environment of the hospital.

For those of you who have been regular readers of the blog, you may remember seeing this in past blogs. UCSF puts on this event with countless people and companies donating their goods, time and money to make this happen. This was the sixth time that I have volunteered to capture this event and I am continually inspired by these kids.

As they entered the hospital (or came down from their room upstairs), they were photographed by my good friends at Studio Booths. It was a rare time for the kids to head down the hallways of this building with big smiles on their faces!

Each teen got a corsage or boutonniere.

I saw these two girls admiring their flowers and grabbed this shot.

Big smiles from everyone - kids and volunteers alike.

There is no shortage of personality with the nurses at UCSF (who photo bombed this shot).

This year's theme was "Under the Sea".

While the kids are having fun, their parents are treated to good food and adult music in a separate room.

The kids dance party, with DJ and thumping music, was a lot louder than the adults room. That was until the DJ stopped the music and called everyone's attention to one young lady.

It turns out that this lovely girl was celebrating her 18th birthday at the prom. They surprised her with a cake and sang happy birthday to her.

A great birthday moment that she won't soon forget.

There is a quieter "resting room" where the kids could get their faces painted and they put their message on multiple banners.

I saw my two favorite nurses dancing with this young lady in her wheelchair and had to get this photo.

They even got her up and dancing for a little bit. I love the reactions in this photo. This is what the prom is all about; trying to forget their hardships for a little while and just enjoying themselves. 

Another teen who was not going to let a wheelchair stop her from having a blast.

This young man was on the dance floor from the first song until the last one. He is one of those kids who can dance all out and not be concerned about others opinions of his moves. I am jealous that he can do that. He was busting moves from Michael Jackson to Bruno Mars.

The dance ended at 10pm, but I always stay late to get a shot of these awesome hospital volunteers who make this possible. Their selflessness and dedication to not only their jobs but to the kids is absolutely apparent and I tip my hat to them.

I look forward to doing this again next year.

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Unknown said...

This brought tears of joy to see those kids having such a great time. Thank you Jeff for sharing these great photos.

jazzphotodds said...

You are a mensch Jeff Cable.

KatyFaye said...

Thank you for this post! I love reading about this event every year. What an inspiration to all who read you and a special treat to these brave and awesome children!