Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Photos captured by my photo tour attendees in Costa Rica

A couple of days ago I got this idea to post my tour attendee's photos on the blog. They were sharing some of their favorite photos and I was so impressed that I wanted to share them all with you.

Keep in mind that there is not one professional photographer on this trip. These are all photo enthusiasts who are looking to learn and come home with great photos.

Our group after shooting for 3 hours in the rain forest - Photo credit to Dennis, our awesome guide

And with that, here are some of their images from the first couple of days here in Costa Rica. None of these images were taken by me.

The image above and below were taken by our beginner photographer. How about that?! She and her dad (and many others) are shooting with borrowed gear from Canon Professional Services. Here is a big shout out to CPS for their free loaners!

Great composition in this shot.

A favorite subject for many of my guests.

We have a couple of birders in the group, who are making the most of their time down here. This beautiful shot was taken by one of our Nikon shooters, but I won't hold that against her. :)

We have had great weather and continue to get more awesome photos. From what I have seen in the last two days, they have far surpassed even these photos. I am so proud of all of them!

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Bob F. said...

Okay...what kind of snake is that in the picture after the owls? Hate serpents, but it is just beautiful!

Jeff Cable Photography Blog said...

That is an eye-lash viper. They are poisonous but we have never seen one outside of our controlled photo shoot. :)

Linda Allen said...

Beautiful photographs by your attendees! I'm a Nikon shooter (hobbyist) and glad to hear there were Nikon shooters in the group (way to represent)! :-)

Woody said...

Thanks Jeff, for the multiple speedlight blog. It’s good to see you doing more of a "how to" do it or how I did it instead of most of your past "look where I've been or done" blogs (didn’t even share EXIF data). They are nice, but you used to separate yourself from the others by teaching instead of just showing your images. Anyone can show images. You are at your best when you are teaching, it’s your personality. Your past videos at B&H are what got me back into photography. Unfortunately, they (B&H) seem to have lost their interest in presenters who share their photography knowledge.