Wednesday, October 2, 2019

My favorite images from my recent safari in Tanzania

In the past, I have created many blog posts to show you all images from our photo tours in Tanzania. But, much like my last post from the Costa Rica photo tour, I have decided to put all of my favorite photos into this one post.

As safaris go, this was a really short one for me, with a total time of only 7 days. But as you will see, we saw a ton of amazing wildlife and had so many great photo opportunities.

All of the photos in this blog post are in the order that I shot them. On our first game drive, we saw this group with 3 generations of elephants.

Whenever we are driving, I am on the lookout for the Lilac-breasted roller. This one was sitting on a branch close enough for a nice tight shot.

Our guides drove us near these elephants and we were all excited to see this youngster nursing.

There is nothing cuter than a baby elephant.

...although this baby baboon was pretty cute as well.

This little baby was checking us out while hitching a ride.

I remember photographing these little guys, because it was the last light of the day.

We had nice warm light on the baby baboons as they played with each other.

Hang on!

We thought we were done shooting for the day, when I saw this amazing sunset. I asked our driver to stop so we could get one last shot for the evening. We had a couple of zebra in front of us, and when I went to edit the photo I was excited to see the sunlight coming through the zebra's mane. (Photographer's note: I did quite a bit of post processing to get this final image. I had to dodge and burn (lighten and darken) certain areas to get everything the way I wanted.

This is one of my all-time favorite photos from Africa. Our group finished breakfast at our lodge and we were all driving to a local air strip to fly to the Northern part of the Serengeti. On the way to the strip, our guides saw this large group of lions, with many cubs. We stayed and watched as the young and old interacted, and we all knew that this was a highlight moment. I used the Canon 1D X Mark II and Canon 100-400mm lens to zoom in nice and tight on these faces.

Look at the interactions between the adult females and this young cub.

Unlike previous trips to Tanzania, this time we saw some amazing leopards in clear view!

I love seeing the two adult females loving each other, while the cub looks on.

I also teach our guests to shoot tight and wide. This is one of the times when shooting wide really shows the breadth of the scene.

I saw this giraffe running in front of us and quickly changed the camera settings to 1/15 sec to motion pan this beautiful youngster in motion.

Although I have photographed seven safaris now, this was the first time to experience the great migration and see the thousands of wildebeests making their river crossings.

This particular river crossing started in a straight line and then, as the wildebeests continued coming down the banks, they changed their pattern and created this arc. I love the way their shape takes your eyes from one edge of the frame to the other.

Here is another motion pan shot. I saw these wildebeests moving in front of our vehicle and, since they were not moving all that fast, I changed my shutter speed to a very slow 1/6th of a second and carefully moved my lens with the first animal to capture the movement in the animals.

Previously, I mentioned that we had great sitings of leopards on this trip, and this was probably the best.

This beautiful female leopard was posing on this rock for quite a while as we photographed her nonstop. And yes, those are raindrops you see in the background.

She had the most amazing eyes and perfect coat!

We spent a lot of time with her and followed her as she moved from one position to another.

Another incredible African sunset.

I have photographed hippos many times in the wild, but never seen two of them spar like these two were doing. Our group was having a blast photographing these two as they opened their mouths wide and splashed each other.

Previously, I wrote a blog about these last two images, but I needed to include them again, as they are definitely favorites. We were photographing another wildebeest river crossing when one of our guides yelled "Their is a croc in the water!". We all quickly reframed our shots to include this massive crocodile which was heading towards the wildebeests.

The crocodile missed his mark and did not end up with a kill, but it was incredible to catch the wildebeests as they stepped on, and jumped over this crocodile.

I hope that you enjoyed viewing all these photos as much as I did taking them!

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