Thursday, February 13, 2020

Canon just announced development of a new full frame mirrorless camera and new lenses!

Just a couple of minutes ago, Canon announced the development of a full frame mirrorless camera, called the EOS R5 and some really interesting new lenses.

Just to be clear, this is a technology announcement and not a product announcement, which means that they are leaking some information to all of us, but not giving us the entire specs. What we do know is that the new EOS R5 camera will have a full frame sensor, in-camera stabilization (which will work in conjunction with IS in existing lenses), able to capture 20fps (and 12fps with a mechanical shutter), 8K video, and has built-in WiFi (which will allow uploading to a new Canon Cloud platform).

Canon has confirmed that this camera does indeed have two card slots, and thank goodness for that! They have not said what type of memory card this camera will support, but I am also hoping that this camera uses CFExpress cards, or at the very least, high speed SD cards. Canon has also not given us any information about the back of the camera, with button layouts or joystick options. (UPDATE: Canon Japan has uploaded this video, showing the back of the camera. It looks to have a similar layout to the 5D and 1D. This is great news.)

But, from what they have said so far, this appears to be the first mirrorless camera from Canon that makes me say "I need this thing and I want it now!"

Canon also announced another handful of RF lenses for the mirrorless lineup, including one that interests me a lot. They announced a 24-105mm lens with variable aperture. and development of 1 new long zoom and two extenders. The long lens is the new RF 100-500mm lens, and this one gets me crazy excited. I use the current 100-400mm lens all the time and would welcome a little extra reach on the long end. The aperture of the lens ranges from f/4.5 to f/7.1 which is decent. I wish it would top out at f/6.3, but we can't have it all. If the clarity is anything close to the current 100-400mm lens, this will be an awesome lens for sports and wildlife photographers!

No pricing has been announced yet, but I am ready to put my order in for both the camera and lens today!

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OnlyInCA said...

There’s a picture of the back of it on Canon’s Japan web site and it’s supposed to be shown (probably in a case) at the camera show in Las Vegas in a few weeks.