Saturday, July 24, 2021

When at the Olympics, I don't just photograph action

Yesterday, before heading out to the Opening Ceremony, I had a couple of jobs to do at the Main Press Center. USA Water Polo had press conferences for both the women and the men. And as the team photographer, I am there to capture these images for them as well.

Of course, the big difference between this Olympics and all others, is that all the athletes (and us) are wearing face masks.

As a photographer, it sucks not being able to capture the big smiles.

You will notice that they have plexiglass in between each of them as well.

I took tight shots and wide shots for the team.

I wanted to get a shot of the ladies without their masks on (since they spend a lot of time together in their own bubble) so we waited for others to leave and got this photo.

Then it was time for the men's press conference.

Jessie is the "old man of the group" attending his fifth Olympic Games...

...while Johnny Hooper is attending his first.

For the mens' photo, we were asked not to take any photos with masks off, so...

And the next blog post is my first real action of these Olympics!


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