Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Jeff Cable Photography Blog - Changes to email subscriptions

If you are a blog reader who goes to this web site and reads my blog, then nothing is changing for you. But if you subscribed to the blog (getting this sent to you as an email or feed) in the past, then things are changing a bit, and hopefully for the better.

Ever since starting this blog back in 2008, I have used the Google Blogger platform, and all email and RSS subscriptions were done using their FeedBurner service. But as of a couple of weeks ago, Google turned the FeedBurner service off. This is why none of you received notification of my last blog post. So I searched for a replacement service, and one that would be even better for the thousands of you who get this sent to your email inbox. 

I found a service called and I have high hopes for this new method of providing the content to you in an easy and safe way. 

If you are getting this email, and previously unsubscribed from my blog, I sincerely apologize. You can easily change your preferences with my new page. They have a lot more options for delivery of my blog content.

FeedBurner did have a lot of issues, the most frustrating one being that when I wrote a blog post, sometimes the email would go out to subscribers within minutes, and other times it could take more than 30 hours. I am hoping that with the new service, the delivery times will be faster and more consistent.

As you all know, other than when I am blogging from the Olympics, I try to keep the blog posts to once a week (on average). I want to deliver good content to you without spamming your email inbox.

I hate change, but I hope this new service works well for all of us!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you Jeff. I hope like you that this change was on benefit of all of us.