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Images from my Costa Rica photo tour guests

Last year after returning from another one of my Costa Rica photo tours, I posted a blog with images that my guests took. Not my images, their images! And I heard from a lot of people that they really enjoyed seeing what the non-professional photographers were able to capture in this amazing place. So...once again I am sharing images from some of my guests who were nice enough to send them to me. 

One of the things that I love so much about seeing my guest's images is that they see things and capture images that I don't.  Bob loves taking photos of landscapes and captured this image at one of our beach stops. I like the way he turned it black and white to add more drama. (Photo credit: Bob C.)

He also got as great shot of this spider monkey peeking through the rain forest foliage. (Photo credit: Bob C.)

When I saw his image of this plant during our photo critique, I loved it! Again, I love that he saw the great light on the leaves and captured this photo. With all the amazing wildlife that we see in Costa Rica, sometimes even I forget to capture the other beautiful things that surround us.  (Photo credit: Bob C.)

On our macro day, Bob got this tight shot of the juvenile iguana.  (Photo credit: Bob C.)

Like everyone else, Bob loved photographing the sloths. Who doesn't?  (Photo credit: Bob C.)

We all got nice photos of the Scarlet macaw, but Bob got this nice image of the bird taking off from a tree branch.  (Photo credit: Bob C.)

Maureen (who also went to Tanzania with me on the last trip) joined me for her second photo tour and captured some great images. Here is the Helmet lizard on a branch, also taken on our macro day.  (Photo credit: Maureen C.)

She found this unique bug on one of her walks around the property. I wish I had seen that one, as I have never seen this insect down there. (Photo credit: Maureen C.)

She got this clean shot of a macaw hanging out in a tree. (Photo credit: Maureen C.)

Also on the macro day, Maureen captured this photo of the Red-eyed tree frog. She chose to use the Canon 100-500mm lens instead on a macro lens, which many of my guests are choosing to do now that they focus in so close. (Photo credit: Maureen C.)

You may recognize this image which is almost identical to the one I posted from my favorite images in the last blog post. Maureen was on the same boat as me, listened to my recommended settings, and got down low to capture this posing iguana. (Photo credit: Maureen C.)

We saw all four species of monkeys in the region, and did our best to capture them in unique positions. I recommended shooting from this angle to use the leaf as a leading line, and Maureen did just that! (Photo credit: Maureen C.)

We saw this young hawk on a branch and all photographed it as it waited for it's mother to come back. (Photo credit: Maureen C.)

I have been on these beaches countless times and never taken the time to photograph the crabs which are all over the place. Tom saw this little one and did a great job of taking it's portrait. I need to remember this when I am back in November. (Photo credit: Tom B.)

Tom got this nice shot of a White-faced monkey eating in a tree. (Photo credit: Tom B.)

He also got this shot of the Scarlet macaw feeding off of the local palm nuts. (Photo credit: Tom B.)

When we are down in the rain forest, I teach everyone to look for the catch-light in the eyes of the animals. I love that Rob caught these two Howler monkeys with great light in their eyes. (Photo credit: Rob B.)

Rob also got this awesome shot of a parrot playing with it's feather. I love the everything about this photo: the great moment and a super clean background! (Photo credit: Rob B.)

In the last blog post, you may have seen my images of the dolphins jumping in the water around us. As much as I love my photos, I also love that Janis captured this environmental shot of the dolphins. I am drawn to the simplicity of the photo and the way that it shows the pod of dolphin low in the frame with the great sky above. (Photo credit: Janis K.)

Janis captured this Glass frog on our macro day, but unlike most of us who took photos of the frog on a flower, she grabbed this photo with the frog on a leaf. Great complimentary colors here! (Photo credit: Janis K.)

I usually tell people to avoid images with the birds against a bald sky, but Janis captured this photo of two macaw at a tree top, and proved that even my advice can be ignored and a great image can be captured. (Photo credit: Janis K.)

She got this nice image of mother and baby White-faced monkeys. (Photo credit: Janis K.)

Janis also got the exact moment that this Squirrel monkey stuck it's tongue out to grab a snack. Great timing! (Photo credit: Janis K.)

Most of these images were captured with Canon cameras, but not all of them. I encourage people to come join me, regardless of the camera that they use, and their skill level. This is an amazing place to teach and have fun.

The May 2025 trip is now sold out, but the October and November 2025 trips still have openings. I hope to see you there on a future trip.


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