Saturday, June 29, 2024

The Summer Olympics in Paris - Credentials are here!

Let me start this blog post by saying this: It is a great day! And why is it a great day? Because I just received my Olympic photo credentials for the Summer Olympics in Paris. 

The Olympic planning process is one that takes almost two years, that involves the following steps:

* Submitting the credential application

* A six month wait for the application approval

* Submission of photo, passport, security information, and more

* Gaining access to the official press intranet site

* Research and application for housing 

* Contract negotiations and approvals

* And much more...

And all of this work becomes reality when I get my official press credentials delivered. It is always a great day when the credentials arrive, and yesterday was that day!

I get a lot of emails from people telling me that they like following the blog, but they especially like following along during the Olympics. People often ask me if it is OK to share the blog with others, and of course this is great. Feel free to spread the word to your friends and family. The more people following along on the blog, the better. 

I am really excited to be going to Paris to cover these Games for Team USA, and I am really looking forward to sharing the experience with all of you. I will be sharing what it is like to be there and the "behind-the-scenes" of the Games. I will be talking about the new equipment I am using, the crazy stories that happen, the challenges, the good and the bad. All of which makes the Olympic roller coaster that us photographers ride every two years.   Well folks, buckle up because we are less than a month away from the Opening Ceremony!

The credentials are here, and my 8th Olympics is about to happen! (And no....I never take any of this for granted.)


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Anonymous said...

Hi I always enjoy your blogs, I will be in Paris for the olympics and hope to meet you.

Ralph Hightower said...

I enjoy reading your coverage of the Olympics, particularly your photography planning and behind-the-scenes.

Now that Canon has announced the EOS R1, will they release the specs before the Games, of after? I presumed that Canon would have the R1 in photographers hands for the Olympics.

Henry Johnson said...

Many thanks! Love your blog, especially the Olympic coverage. It gives me a new perspective, and I learn a lot. Thanks for doing this, I know it is more work on top of everything else.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your journey with us!!