Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The day started off with Connor and I driving out to a point where we could photograph big wave surfers here on Maui. But, the swells were really small this morning and there was nothing to shoot. But we did come across some of the Maui chickens and so we spent a little time photographing some of them. Then we drove back to the condo to meet up with the girls so that we could go snorkeling in one of our favorite coves.

As we drove up to the cove in the Northwest of Maui, we noticed a lot of people looking down over the cliffs watching something. We trekked down to the water and saw a large pod of dolphins swimming in the cove. I was totally blown away, and we all tried to get our equipment on as fast as possible to make the swim out to them. Swimming with the dolphins has been a life long dream of mine, and doing this in their true environment was too good to be true! As we swam out to them, they were already making their way out of the cove and I was so bummed. Then, much to my amzement, they turned around and headed our way. For almost an hour we swam with them as they came in and out of the cove. It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

These Spinner Dolphins were so close to us that we could almost reach out and touch them (which I was SO tempted to do, but kept my camera pointed at them and my hands off).

Connor was dieing to get a picture of him with the dolphins and we were able to get a couple of these shots.
We did not get an exact count of the dolphins in this pod but we estimated that there were between 30-40 of them.

When we got done swimming with them (and we were exhausted from all the moving around), my daughter asked me if this experience made my day. I answered "no - this made my year!"

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