Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vacation time in Hawaii

It was our first full day on Maui and we made the most out of it, by waking up early (since we were still on California time) and heading to the water. We went snorkeling (with the under water camera) and saw the awesome sea turtles. These turtles are really big. They range from 3 feet long to the size of a small car.
Then the kids wanted to hit the waves at a nearby spot just North of where we are staying. So off we went and everyone had a great time. After we were done with all of our activities, we were driving back to the condo and realized that it was only 2pm. I guess this is what you get accomplished when the whole family wakes up at 4:30am.

And then our first day in paradise is over and we are treated to a nice Hawaiian sunset. It was really cool to watch the whales breaching in the distance as the sun fell below the horizon. In the next couple of days we will make our whale watching trip.

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