Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Photographing my sister's wedding!

So many people told me that this was a bad idea. Many other photographers said to me "Never photograph a family event!", but I have to tell you that this was not the case for me. My sister and her new husband were relaxed and looking great! I had a chance to capture the day for them and deliver a gift of images for which I am proud. I also had a chance to spend more time with them because of this. Like I said, Sue and Ross looked amazing and made it easy for me. Having the beautiful surroundings of Boulder, CO didn't hurt much either.

My family and I stayed at the Boulderado Hotel which is located in downtown Boulder. This is a very old hotel which has a ton of character and old world style. When I first walked into the lobby area, I knew that I had to capture a picture of my sister and her fiance in this place. When they came by the hotel to meet up with me, I dragged them inside to get some shots.

And then we were off to capture some images at a local park. We had a beautiful day (in between two days of thunderstorms) with bright sunlight which made the shooting conditions tough but we worked around that.

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