Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Critters and Views of Colorado

I am not sure why I love photographing animals as much as I do, but it is fun to capture the beauty of animals in their natural habitat. It must be some of Moose Peterson's influence rubbing off on me. We took the better part of a day in Colorado to visit Estes Park. What a cool place!
The entire drive from Boulder to Estes is magnificent. Great views of the majestic mountains and endless trees in all directions. Even the kids were impressed with the scenery.The park is known for their Elk, and there are plenty of them to view. When we first pulled into the town, we saw a bunch of people who had pulled over to the side of the road to look at the Elk on a golf course. Not exactly the picture I was looking for! As we headed deeper into the park we encountered some really beautiful animals like these and they were very close to the road. Let me tell you, this stops the traffic in the park as everyone wants to do a "drive-by shooting" with their cameras out of the windows of their cars. We parked and walked back to get this shot.

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