Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The fall colors of Spokane, Washington and the river at night

I am currently in Spokane, WA speaking at Whitworth University, and had some time yesterday afternoon to walk around the city and grab some photos. Since I am staying along the river, I started my 10 mile walk on the riverside.

This was one of the first views I saw, with the great colors in the trees, and the dramatic cloudy sky.

I walked to the main falls and took this photo. I liked the composition, but thought that this would make an even better night shot.

After walking along the river, I went to Manito Park. Most of the park was without color, since it is the wrong time of year for their blooms.

Within the park, they have a Japanese garden, which had great fall colors. I got down low for this photo, to show the colorful leaves on the ground.

There was one tree in particular that was in full red color, and I moved to many positions to get these two photos. My goal was to get the red leaves in front of a complimentary colored background.

Even though my feet were tired from walking all afternoon, I could not resist the temptation to walk back to my original river location to get this night shot.  I waited in this spot for an hour to get the perfect deep blue skies. I had my Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon 24-105mm lens mounted on my Gitzo travel tripod and Acratech ball head. Unlike the day shot that was taken with a fast shutter speed, this night photo was taken with a 15 second exposure. The long exposure blurs the water perfectly and adds to the drama of the photo. Compare this night shot to the day shot, and I think you'll agree that this one is much more interesting.

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Unknown said...

That red tree looks amazing! It must have been a treat to see it in real life :)
The night shot is really neat. I love the deep blue colours in the sky. Way more interesting than your day shot, for sure. Congratulations on not being lazy and getting back! ahahaha!

Oscar Fernandez said...

very nice captures. I like these fall photos