Friday, November 23, 2018

Some of the best Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals I have seen (in one place for you)

I have been watching the flood of emails coming into my inbox, all of them announcing deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some of the deals are good and some are great.

Here are some of the best deals I have seen for the the products I love the most.

Canon 5D Mark IV camera bundle - $3149 (Saving $550) - LINK HERE
Canon 100-400mm II lens - $1799 (Saving $400) - LINK HERE

25% off all ProGrade Digital cards and readers - LINK HERE

20% off and free shipping for all BlackRapid products - use code BRBFCM18 HERE

$50 off Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet (Medium) - LINK HERE

10% off all MagMod products - LINK HERE

Apple 15.4" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar - $1699 (Saving $700) - LINK HERE

Luxli Cello 10" LED light - $329 (Saving $170) - LINK HERE

Most of these are good through through Monday. I hope this helps you get some new gear and save some money too.

1 comment:

Kent said...

I wish they had an SD only reader, since I don't have any CF at this time.

For now I'll stick with my old Workcenter reader instead. :)