Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics: The last sport to post from The Games - Men's Field Hockey

Yep - this is the last post with a sport from the London Olympics. I still have some night shots (including some taken from the London Eye) and, of course, the Closing Ceremonies. I will be busy editing those on the plane tomorrow, since I have 10 hours to get caught up, so look for those in the days to come.

Here are some shots that I took of the men's bronze medal game of field hockey.

I saw this guy and thought that he was going for that 70s look, with the headband and sun block on the nose. :)

A penalty corner shot.

A big shot from outside...

...which was deflected in front of the net for a score. This point for Great Britain evened the score against the Aussies at one a piece.

A big celebration fro Team GB.

A whole lot of defense in front of the goalie.

I know that this is not an action shot, but it is my favorite from the day. It was another corner shot, and I had prefocused on the ball. With the London Olympic logo perfectly centered, the athlete walked over and put his foot on the ball. Click! Love this one.


Bill Dent said...

Great shots, Jeff.
And well Done Team USA on coming out on top.

Richard H. Black said...

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