Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics: USA Mens Water Polo vs. Romania

Last night was another good night for Team USA in the water polo venue. This time the team won the game by two points. A little more breathing room than the first couple of games (men and women) but still very close. Here are images from last nights match. And check out the images of our surprise VIP siting.

Before the game...

The team always enters the pool at the same time, but last night I caught this image of everyone jumping into the pool and they staggered a bit. It almost looks like a strobe shot of someone in different points of a jump. :)

A pep talk to get the team fired up and ready to go.

There is huge American support here in London, with lots of fans cheering for their team.

And look who came to the water polo venue last night...

Yep - that is Prince William in the house. The future King of England. He asked me to take this photo of him and his friends and then told me how much he enjoys reading my blog. OK, not really. :)

Tony Azevedo taking a bomb of a shot from 5 meters out (after having his cap ripped off of his head).

Shea Buckner celebrating a big goal to put the U.S. up by one point.

I love shooting images at 1/1250 of a second to freeze the water trails coming off the ball and players, in this case the arm of Adam Wright. (Most shots of this game were taken with the Canon 400mm f2.8 lens and a Canon 1DX).

A mass of humanity in front of the cage.

A nice backhand pass.

The athletes do a lot of talking in the pool. In this shot, he is looking for someone to get open for a pass during a power play.

Merrill Moses started the game a little colder than usual, missing some blocks, but heated up when needed and came through with some huge saves at the end.

Merrill celebrating a big stop.

A great win 10 to 8 and now it is up to the women to win again tonight. Go Team USA!

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