Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics: The men of USA Water fall out of medal contention

Last night was a tough night for the men of the USA Water Polo team. They played in the quarterfinals against the undefeated team from Croatia, and were basically outplayed all the way through the game. Shooting for the team, I was sitting behind the lens but feeling the pain. Most of the time, as I am shooting a sport, I really don't care which team comes out on top, I just want good photos. But as the official photographer for the USA water polo teams, I feel a vested interest. I have gotten to know some of the guys and it hurt to watch them lose any chance of a medal at these Olympics.

I took this shot before the game, as the goal tender, Merrill Moses, was preparing to enter the pool deck. I really like the dark lighting and the concentration on his face. He is one of those guys who always shows his emotion.

The team huddling before the game, and getting a pep talk from Tony Azevedo.

Another big shot from Tony, many of which were either blocked by the Croatian defenders or stopped by their goal tender, who had an amazing game.

Another 2 meter battle.

Jesse Smith trying to get the Americans on the scoreboard.

After going down 5 to 0 in the first half, the team tries to regroup.

I caught this shot of one of the few goals that the US men were able to muster.

At one point in the 3rd period, Tony Azevedo had a penalty shot. He is one of the best water polo players in the world and I thought that he would score here. But, the Croatian goalie had other ideas and stopped the shot. It was a real turning point of the game. This goal could have brought the US within 2 goals of the Croatians.

Merrill Moses stopping a shot with his head.

The buzzer sounded signalling the end of the game and even though I was across the pool deck, I could see and feel the disappointment. 

Everybody bummed. This team had really high expectations this year, and will go home with no medal. :( Tonight is the gold medal match for the women of Team USA. This game will be HUGE! Either way, the girls will win a silver or gold, which is amazing, but I want to see them with the gold medal!!

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