Thursday, August 18, 2016

A quick visit to the women's Olympic finals tennis match - Puerto Rico wins Gold!

In this morning's blog entry, I told you that I made a quick visit to the velodrome here in Rio. Well...before that, we also made a stop at the tennis venue, and it was the women's finals. I had to ask my friend, Greg, if it really was the finals, because surprisingly the stadium was only half full.

I took this panorama shot with my iPhone, and (if you click and enlarge it) you can see how many open seats there were.

Since this was a quick visit, I did not go down to the lower shooting position. I decided to use the reach of the Canon 200-400mm lens (with the built in tele converter) to shoot from up high.

Even though I was far from the court, you can see that I was able to capture the action with no problems. Sure...I had to crop in on the images a little, but trust me there is still plenty of resolution here.

Photos of Monica Puig working her magic on the court and becoming the first woman from Puerto Rico to ever win a medal at the Olympic Games.

Monica making a big serve.

Angelique Kerber, from Germany, running hard to get a drop shot.

Monica smashing a winner backhand shot.

I guess this Olympics has been the "Multiple Exposure Games" for me. I am having so much fun with this camera feature. After shooting the standard tennis shots for 20 minutes, I just had to try it here. Because the background is not very dark, you can see through Angelique in these photos, but I still really  like it.

Like the table tennis multiple exposures, I love how this brings out the trail of the ball.

Well folks, we are at the home stretch of these Olympic Games. It is now 10:15 on Thursday night here in Brazil and I am already back at the hotel room. This is about 3 hours earlier than normal, but I have been fighting my second cold of the Games and need to get some more sleep. I have not had a voice (other than this blog I guess) for 2 days now. And tomorrow is a really big day, with the woman of USA Water Polo going for the gold medal late tomorrow afternoon. Just like the athletes, I need to get some rest and be on top of my game tomorrow.

Time for some rest...


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Pedro CorĂ¡ said...

These posts are amazing! I'm loving to view the olympics by your lenses. Specially since every photo has a story! :)

Sara said...

Great sport! Unforgettable moment of Rio Olympic tennis is, in the first round of the tournament. The Australian John Millman was beating Lithuania's Ricardas Berankis 6-0, 6-0 in just 50 minutes! I think first time in Olympic tennis a player didn’t win the game in a match.

Stephen Miller said...

What a match between The Australian John Millman vs Lithuania's Ricardas Berankis.

it was one of the best game i have ever seen

ryanreibman said...

It was a great contest. I really enjoyed this match.