Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Some photos from the men's gymnastics team competition - Team USA in action!

A couple of days ago, I finished shooting water polo and had some time to pop over to the men's gymnastics team finals. I got their a little late, and had to leave a little early, but still had a good time grabbing some photos of this popular event.

When I got to the venue, the men had already completed their floor exercises and had moved on to the pommel horse. I shot some photos of the guys on the horse but really did not feel that they were too exciting.

After shooting wide shots for a couple of minutes, I decided to zoom in tighter to get a more unique look.

This frame was the tightest, with me framing the shot to highlight, not only the athlete's hands, but the Rio 2016 and Olympic rings.

As the US team moved from one event to the next, I moved with them. This time it was the rings. Since there were Olympic rings up high on the upper levels of the arena, I got down low on my knees so that the rings would be the background for the gymnasts.

Amazing maneuvers by these guys.

I wanted wide shots showing head to toe, but I also wanted tight shots like this one.

I laughed when I saw this shot on my computer. These gymnasts make the same faces as the figure skaters when they spin. Good thing they are spinning so fast that most people don't see this.

I have to say that gymnastics is not the easiest sport to shoot. It is very difficult to keep the focus point of the camera on their eyes.

Another shot of a dismount.

I took this photo, not because this guys arms look just like mine, but to show the cup marks that everyone is talking about.

As you can see from his reaction, he had a very good performance.

Then it was on the vault...

...with more solid performances.

Think he was happy?

The last rotation was the parallel bars. I only shot a couple photos of this before heading out of the arena.

But I did get this last celebration shot. And I have to tell you that looking at these photos, I am blown away with the physiques of these guys. Wow!


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Jeff said...

I am in awe of the photographs and the muscles;wow!

Anonymous said...

cant imagine how hard it is to get those shots! so great!

Gane said...

Yes, it can be seen the efforts that he has put to achieve this.

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