Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Women's Hockey: Photos from the USA vs OAR (Russia) game

Last night was the second game for the women of USA Hockey and they played an awesome game against the women from Russia.

Even though I usually shoot from the side where USA shoots twice, I ran to the other side of the rink at the beginning of the game to capture the pregame huddle.

Then I ran back to get the offensive action, and there was a lot of it throughout the game.

I saw this body check and captured it with her mid air. Since this is my second time shooting in this rink, I have determined the best camera settings for covering the games. I am using the Canon 1D X MK II with the Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS II lens. I have a rubber lens hood on the front of the lens so that I can put the camera up against the glass (to reduce any glare) and it has some give in case one the skaters gets checked into the boards. I really do not want the camera smashing into my face. I am shooting at ISO 1600, f/4, at 1/1250 sec.

This is a photo I don't get with the guys in the NH, with her ponytail flying behind her head.

Hilary Knight taking a big shot and scoring!

The wide shot of the celebration.

The crop from the same shot.

Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson who had a big game and even scored two of the quickest goals in the history of women's Olympic hockey, being six seconds a part.

Nicole Hensley (our gaol tender) did not have too much to stop, but I got a couple of photos of her in action. Here you can see the puck flying in towards her.

Gig Marvin getting ready to face off.

More action, with Kacey Bellamy shooting the puck.

I took this close-up shot of Nicole and her mask, but did not know about the helmet controversy until after the game.

I swear that Nicole is winking at me!

A big slap shot from Hilary Knight.

I try to get shots of as many of the ladies as I can. Here is a photo of Hannah Brandt who cut through the Russian defense for a solid scoring chance.

I love it when I get the puck right in the middle of the frame like this. Brianna Decker getting another scoring chance in the crease.

Team USA scored once again. But this goal was called back due to a hand pass. I hate it when I get a good celebration but it does not really count. :)

Great action in front of the net as Dani Cameranesi fights for the puck.

This was my favorite photo from this game, with Dani flying through the air, but still maintaining perfect concentration on the puck. As I went through my images at ice level, right after the end of the game, I saw this one, I thought "Oh please be in sharp focus" and it was.

Another celebration by the Americans to make it a total of 5 goals and shutting down the Russians with a shutout.

It was exciting to watch this awesome team in action once again. Today I am at the slide center to shoot a little skeleton (currently holed up in a little warming tent I found) and then will head back down the mountain this evening to cover the first game for the Men's hockey team. That should be a fun one to shoot too.

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Unknown said...

What was up with the goalies helmet?

Anonymous said...

That's some great lighting!
Why use f4 though?
The photos don't look as crisp as you see in other places, like Getty, EPA, etc; you're probably using very similiar equipament so I wonder what's the reason for this..

Anonymous said...

He's shooting against the glass that's why the not so crisp photos.

mtom said...

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