Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Funny story from tonight

Tonight I decided to head over to opening of the "USA House" which is place where Team USA members and others (not quite sure how that works) can hang out. They had an opening party tonight, and since it is only 4 blocks from the condo, I figured that it was worth a look. I got there and did not see anything of interest, so I went back downstairs to head out. I saw the merchandise store and decided to check it out. Who did I see in there? Shawn Johnson was in there buying some goodies. We started talking (about Beijing, Dancing With The Stars and our mutual friend, Steve Wozniak) and I showed her a couple of the pictures that I took of her in Beijing. She loved the pictures and asked me if I could email them to her.

I also told her that my nephew is in love with her. I then sent a text to my nephew only to find realize that today is his birthday. Perfect timing, right? So...I asked Shawn if she would mind wishing him a happy birthday. She was so gracious and, after I dialed the phone, she took it and wished him a happy birthday. What a thrill for him...and very nice of her.

Here is Shawn being the "hero of the night" or better yet, helping me be the "uncle of the year".


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