Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pictures from Opening Ceremonies

Last night was an amazing experience. It was a VERY long night with a ton of waiting and fighting for photo position. The one mile drive in the press bus to the arena took over an hour due to extremely tight security. We had the NBC broadcasters (Matt Lauer and friends) in our bus and they were worried that they would miss their on-air time.

Once we got there, we had a couple hours to wait for the start and tried to figure out which lenses to use in order to capture the events. I had borrowed an 800mm lens from Canon and never even used it. It was too much lens for this venue. Ughhh - carrying that beast around for no reason! :)

Well...I have to run to speed skating and short track speed skating (two different venues in different parts of town). Here are the pictures from last night. I hope you like them!


Masha said...

Gorgeous pics!! Any pics of the Israeli team?

Jeff Cable Photography Blog said...

Yep - I actually so have some. I will try to send you one.:)