Thursday, February 11, 2010

USA Women's hockey team - Press conference

This morning was the press conference for the 2010 USA women's hockey team. The conference lasted for an hour and they fielded questions from all the press in attendance.

Four of the athletes, and the coach, were at the press table and the rest of the team members were sitting in the front two rows. They were all very relaxed and having a great time.

Before the conference got started, many of the girls were capturing memories for themselves. I love this shot of Angela Ruggiero grabbing some video of her teammates (sitting in the rows in front of her) from the press table.

Coach Mark Johnson answering some tough questions.

Some of the women from the team admiring their teammates answering abilities up at the press table.

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Shelly said...

Oh what fun! I love the that the athletes look like they are enjoying the experiene. It not all about who's first and the best of the best. But living in the here and now.