Monday, February 1, 2010

Teaching photography to my son

Nothing is more special than having my kids want to share my passion for photography. Yesterday, Connor asked me if I could take him out for a couple of hours of shooting so that he could learn how to better control the camera. We made a quick trip out to Sanborn Park to see what we could find. We found a really cool area with moss covered rocks and we stopped there so I could show him how to compose, and control the depth of field in, an image.

Armed with a macro lens, we looked for the small details that would make interesting images. I used this moss covered branch to help teach him some new techniques.

And we were driving out of the park, we came across 8 deer which were crossing the road in front of us. Connor was excited to have his camera in hand (with the correct lens attached) and so we pulled over again and hopped out to get some shots. The deer were great but what I really liked more was the excitement in Connor's face and the way that he moved very slowly to respect the animals and get his shot.

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